11 Questions for ZipCloud

Steven Johnson
Cloud Storage Reviews
ian-leighfieldIan Leighfield
CloudStorageReviews.co would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions so we can learn more about your services and the products ZipCloud hast to offer.

1. What is the history of ZipCloud? When was the company established? What are ZipCloud’s goals and mission?

ZipCloud was founded at the beginning of 2011. Its aim, like all our products is to be the best and most comprehensive cloud storage service on the market while being a fantastic value for the money. We wanted ZipCloud to shake things up. There have not been many revolutionary changes in online backup for quite a while and we set out to change this.

2. Can you tell us a little about the basics of ZipCloud? What are the primary service offerings?

ZipCloud is our flagship product. It incorporates unlimited cloud storage with easy to use tools and a sleek cool design.  ZipCloud works with Windows, Mac OSx, and linux and offers industry standard features as well as several advanced features.

3. What makes ZipCloud better than it’s competitors?

Our flexibility. As i mentioned before, we spent a long time talking to our customers, finding out what they wanted, we always tried to incorporate the best bits of companies we liked and evolved it into one. We represent fantastic value for money when you compare us to others out there.

4. How many people work at ZipCloud? What is a typical day like at ZipCloud?

ZipCloud has around 60 employees. We are a young and vibrant company, the average age in the office is around 27. Don’t let that fool you, we work incredibly hard and have some very innovative ideas. We also have some great team days out, such as go karting and horse racing.

5. People’s main concern with backup is knowing their files are safely stored on the cloud. What safety and security does ZipCloud take to ensure the protection of users online data?

When we started we did our homework and decided to use a service from Amazon called “S3”. S3 is a world class Cloud Computing and Storage Platform. Amazon S3 has never lost a file, EVER. Companies like Dropbox use this exact service. In regards to file encryption and security we use 256 Bit encryption to protect files. This is about double the security on a bank transaction online.

6. Can you tell us how many files are backed up every day at ZipCloud? How many customers are using ZipCloud daily?

I couldn’t give you an exact number, but it is way into the millions.

7. Any upcoming future announcements that you can share?

Yes, we have a vast array of features all being released before the June 1st. Our new features include: a brand new support centre, video tutorials, cloud storage for businesses, and iPad and iPhone apps. Very exciting times.

8. What are ZipCloud’s support options?

We offer phone support and 24/7 email support to our customers.

9. One one the upgrade options is “Supercharged Backups”. What exactly is supercharged backups and how much faster will your data backup as well as be restored?

With supercharged backups, your account is connected to a server that does not have any files being uploaded to it. You are the only connection. Your files are uploaded around 40-50% faster. Not all customers need the extra speed but for those that do we are happy to provide them a nice boost in speed for a small additional cost.

10. What is one thing most people do not know about ZipCloud?

All of us in the office are under 28.

11. Anything else you would like to add?

We have just launched a sleek new app for everyone to download and try, so i am sure if you have thought about giving zip cloud a go, why not try it today for free?

Thanks for your time! — Steven