11 Questions with Mozy

In an interview with Mozy we were able to ask James Jolley to learn more about their online backup services.

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Q: What are the basic service offerings by Mozy? What kinds of things are included in the plans?

Jolley: Mozy has three basic offerings for home customers to protect their data:

  • MozyHome Free is 2GB of free online backup.
  • MozyHome with 50GB (1 computer) is $5.99/month
  • MozyHome with 125GB (3 computers) is $9.99/month

All MozyHome accounts have mobile access as well as access to our Stash feature, which allows you to sync files between computers, smart phones, or tablets.

MozyPro is for businesses. It offers 24/7 domestic phone support. MozyPro also offers businesses key features such as Server support, NAS support, and an admin console.

What is the history of Mozy? When was the company established? What goals did the founders have for Mozy when they started the company?

Jolley: In 2005 Josh Coates established Mozy with the mindset to “back up the world.” In October 2007 Mozy was acquired by EMC. In April 2011 Mozy employees were “transferred” as an intact team to VMware from our mutual parent company, EMC. Currently Mozy protects the data of more than 3 million customers and 70,000 business customers.

How many people work at Mozy? What is a typical day like at Mozy?

Jolley: Mozy employs hundreds of people in offices in Pleasant Grove, UT; Seattle, WA; Boston, MA, Cork, Ireland, London, UK; and in other locations around the world.

A typical day finds our growing Mozy support team answering questions from our 3 million customers; the operations team managing our the data centers which house 70PB of data; our international sales team travelling around the world to sell Mozy to over 70,000 businesses, and the engineering team working hard at building and making improvements to our world-class products.

What makes Mozy stand out from the competition?

Jolley: There are many areas in which Mozy stands out from the competition, including our product functionality; customer service; executive management; resources from our parent company EMC and our relationship with VMware; and our attention on security. Regarding security, Mozy recently successfully completed a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and received ISO 27001 certification. The number of online backup service providers that have completed both the SSAE 16 audit and the ISO 27001 certification is extremely small. Simply taking the steps to obtain these verifications puts Mozy in exclusive company. These independent verifications certify that Mozy’s processes and procedures meet or exceed the strictest control objectives in the industry.

When people back up their files to your servers they are trusting Mozy with all of their data. What security measures are put in place to protect the servers and their data?

Jolley: All data backed up or Stashed with Mozy is encrypted before it leaves the user’s device, in transit and at our data centres. Data is protected using the same level of encryption deployed by the military and transferred over lines that are secured using the same technology employed during online banking.

Mozy servers are located in several world-class data centers across the globe. Each data center adheres to the highest standards of security for optimal data protection.

All data centers are surrounded by a secure perimeter and staffed 24/7/365 with technology professionals who maintain the highest standards in data protection. Both card and biometric security authentication are required to enter the facilities and access the Mozy server area. All data centers are SAS 70 Type I or Type II certified.

EMC-managed data centers utilize a gas fire suppression system to extinguish fires in the event of an emergency without jeopardizing server functionality. The waterless system releases a mixture of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide to extinguish fires by reducing the available oxygen to less than 15%.

Power is conditioned and protected by redundant systems and guaranteed by generators supplied by diesel fuel storage. In addition, multiple network providers service each data center to ensure operation in the event a network carrier fails.

All sites have cooling mechanisms in place to ensure the servers are kept at optimal operating temperatures.

How much data does Mozy backup daily? Are the Mozy servers ever stressed because of the amount of data being backed up to them?

Jolley: We don’t release information pertaining to how much we backup on a daily basis but we currently have a total of 70PB under management. Our servers are maintained and carefully watched 24/7 so that we can protect against any stress scenarios.

Any new plans or features you can share with us?

Jolley: We recently announced the public beta availability of our new sync feature, Stash. Stash allows customers to securely access their files from the Mozy website or mobile app. Customers can also sync files nearly instantaneously between computers.

Is Mozy going to offer any syncing and sharing services?

Jolley: See above answer. And read more at mozy.com/stash

How do most customers learn about Mozy?

Jolley: Most customers learn about Mozy from other happy customers. Mozy offers a free 2GB account so it’s easy and free to try out. You can earn more free space through our referral program.

What is something interesting most people do not know about Mozy?

Jolley: Though our headquarters are in Seattle and we have several offices around the world, the majority of our employees work out of our Pleasant Grove, Utah offices, near where Mozy was founded in 2005 as Berkeley Data Systems.

Anything else you would like to add?

Jolley: Mozy has been named one of the Best Companies To Work For in Utah, by Utah Business Magazine, and received the award at its annual ceremony, for three straight years.