11 Questions with MyPC Backup

Online Backup Search spoke with Ian Leighfield about Just Develop It’s product, MyPC Backup. We cover the history, company strengths, employees typical day, how the data is stored and much more.

We were able to interview Ian Leighfield from MyPC Backup to learn more about their online backup services.

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Q: Can you tell us a little about the basics of MyPCBackup? What are the primary service offerings?

Leighfield: MyPC Backup combines online backup, online storage, file syncing and file sharing into one easy to use and intuitive piece of software. We have taken the best parts of other products in the industry and combined them into one comprehensive and feature rich product.

We are interested in learning a little about the history of MyPCBackup. When was the company established? When the founders came together what were some of the goals when creating MyPCBackup?

Leighfield: The founders experienced huge success in the web hosting industry and after the sale of their hosting company in early 2010 their entrepreneurial minds led them to the similar vertical that is online backup. Development of the product began in late 2010 and launched in June 2011. The goal was simple; make the most feature rich and most affordable product on the market.

What makes MyPCBackup stand out from other online backup companies?

Leighfield: MyPC Backup is young, exciting and constantly evolving. Many online backup companies have become stagnant in their offerings, and if anything, have reduced features offered to their customers. Our entire team are excited to come into the office each day and produce amazing new features for our customers. Although we are younger in age than the more established industry names, our features are considerably more advanced. We are resolute in our determination to become the most feature rich and adored brand in the industry.

About how many people work at MyPCBackup? What is a typical day like at MyPC Backup?

Leighfield: We have grown quickly to 20 employees here at HQ. Ranging from support, development, design, marketing, accounts and other important departments. We can’t recruit quick enough!
A normal day involves plenty of reporting, testing, development, awesome new designs, discussions about new features, work on new brands and most importantly, amazing food!

When people are backing up their files to your servers they are trusting MyPCBackup with all of their data.  What security measures are put in place to protect the servers and their data?

Leighfield: When the desktop client uploads a file, the data is sent securely over https (128 SSL) using a write only access token unique to each file upload.

All data is secured on Amazon S3 servers, with details about the file being stored on MyPC Backup data clusters.  This keeps the file data and details on data owner, file paths, file names etc separated across two locations.

All transactions and web access are protected by 256 bit AES encryption, double the encryption of many competitors.

For more information on the security of Amazon s3 Storage Servers, check out this link: http://aws.amazon.com/s3/faqs/#How_secure_is_my_data

About how much data is backed up to your servers on a typical day? About how many computers do you backup?

Leighfield: Throughout the average day we experience between 3-4TB of data being uploaded to our storage servers. This naturally grows on a daily basis as our customer base increases.  

Any new plans or features you can share with us? When can we expect MyMacBackup?

Leighfield: Absolutely! There are always new features being added. It’s what we love doing.

Our MAC and Linux clients are currently in the final stages of product testing and are due for release on the 15th December 2011. In early 2012, once all the bugs are worked out of our new desktop clients we will be releasing a stunning new design of our software.

We will imminently be releasing public file sharing, drag and drop to desktop client for instant backup (we are the first provider to offer this feature and it’s very cool!), context menu instant backup option, drag and drop to website for sync, email to sync folder, locate my computer and most notably the aforementioned Mac and Linux Clients.  All of this on top of our existing service; unlimited backup and online storage, file syncing, private folder sharing, an excellent referral program, file versioning, remote access to files and an awesome Facebook ‘Like’ for free backup campaign.

We are also currently working on iPhone, iPad and Android applications.We hope that these services will be available to all devices by the end of February 2012. Till then we do offer a fully optimized mobile site for all smart phones.

We will also be releasing a new brand in mid 2011 that will be the coolest product the online storage vertical has ever seen. Watch this space!

How has MyPC Backup grown since its founding?

Leighfield: Since its founding we have all learnt valuable, and in some cases expensive lessons. Our team has grown very quickly. We have a very talented team of individuals that is constantly growing. The growth of our customer base has surpassed our wildest expectations and the rate of growth the company has experienced is beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. We are fortunate enough to use Amazon s3 storage servers, so server space has never been an issue! We are now in a position where we have formed a group; JDI Backup. JDI Backup now offers 3 fantastic online backup and cloud storage companies to suit all needs.

How do most customers learn about your services?

Leighfield: We have an incredibly vast online presence. You will find us at the top of nearly all review websites, as well the service being available for download through Download.com and Tucows.com. Our marketing team are constantly looking for new avenues and opportunities to engage potential new customers.
2012 will see magazine advertising, radio commercials and possibly even our maiden voyage onto TV Screens across the US.

What is one thing most people do not know about MyPCBackup?

Leighfield: Apart from the fact we all have British accents. We are team of young and exceptionally driven individuals. None of us work the normal 9-5, in fact most days it’s more 12-14 hours then plenty of work from home in between! We can be found in the office most weekends and all of us live to work. It is a product we truly adore and genuinely want our customers to enjoy a feature rich product. We mostly wear shorts and t-shirts to work, you won’t ever find a suit in our offices. Oh and we have iPads linked to Sonos in our toilets!

Anything else you would like to add?

Leighfield: In the short space of time we have been in the industry our product has continued to evolve and improve. We have taken on board a huge amount of feedback from our customers and we now believe that our product offers one of the most feature rich services on the web. Soon to be the most feature rich, once our MAC and Linux clients are live and our mobile suites have been finalised. We have not strayed from our initial objective of becoming the most feature rich and affordable service on the web, nor will we ever!

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year!

Thanks for your time! — Steven