7 Spectacular Mobile Cloud Storage Apps

You’ve heard about it, the cloud. It has become a house hold name. The cloud make it easy to sync multiple devices using a network of connected servers that house your data and connecting it to your devices. This means all of the files you upload to a cloud storage provider is retrievable from just about everywhere.

Cloud technology has been around for a while, but it’s just now becoming accessible to a large amount of people. This is mostly because of the abundant use of smart phones.

We have put together a list of what we think are the most helpful and interesting mobile cloud storage apps out there on the market. Of course, our links will take you to the providers website, but you should be able to find them on the Apple’s App Store and Google Play.



SugarSync is a cloud storage manager. Once downloaded you can choose files from your device to share. In the mobile app you can use the photo section to take pictures that are uploaded directly to the cloud. You can also set it to back up your photos automatically.

Price: Free 5GB’s
Website: http://sugarsync.com | Review



Dropbox is a well known cloud storage solution that syncs files from lots of different devices. On the mobile apps you can view each of your folders and view pictures and video from the cloud. Backup your mobile phones camera with a setting that backs up all the photos taken on the phone.

Price: Free 2GBs
Website: http://dropbox.com | Review

Google Drive


Formally known as Google Docs, Google Drive is Google’s answer to the great cloud question, “how to sync documents and collaborate at the same time”. Google Docs was known for being the first free cloud collaborative work environment. Now it has been expanded to Google Drive which can house a large number of file types and be shared across many different devices.

Price: Free 5GB’s + All Google Docs are stored free
Website: https://drive.google.com | Review



Heavily based in sharing, IDriveSync offers ways to share files easily with connections from Facebook and other social networking sites. Once connected you can see all of the files listed in folders on the desktop. You can select a file or folder and share it via Facebook, Twitter, text, email, or copy link URL.

Price: Free 10GB’s
Website: http://www.idrivesync.com | Review



Carbonite is a simple tool. It’s not really a cloud syncing solution, but their app works pretty well from transferring files from smart phones back to the cloud. It will keep any devices that are signed up with the plan synced.

Price: Free Trial
Website: http://www.carbonite.com | Review



Along the same lines as Carbonite, Mozy offers a pretty good app. It works well if you pay to backup your computer you can also back up your phone and sync between the two using Stash, their new syncing tool. This app can backup photos and shares them between devices.

Price: Free 2GB’s
Website: http://mozy.com | Review



Box is a good, well rounded product. It works well for collaboration between colleagues and the app works on all your devices. It’s more of a business class or enterprise solution but their app does pretty well.

Price: Free 5GB’s
Website: http://box.com | Review


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