About Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Reviews is me, Steven Johnson and those who have left reviews.

I am married, we have 2 little girls, live in Atlanta, GA, develop websites and have needed cloud storage as a part of our everyday lives.

Over the years I learned that a solid cloud storage strategy is crucial because I worked at several large corporations that understood the necessity of keeping files safe and accessible. I was the Manager of the Help Desk and if any of the files we kept were lost I would have been tossed as well. Now, with my company, Intown Web Design, I understand even more how using cloud storage is essential to keeping your files safe.

Several colleagues and I are the editors that the review each of the companies. We take the time to thoroughly go through each of the companies to see if they meet our criteria and what their strengths are.

About Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Reviews is one of the newest consumer reviews sites developed by Intown Web Design. We started the site because we have learned a lot about cloud storage and online backup. Each of these companies and guides are written completely by our team and our goal is to help those looking for the best cloud storage.

There are several questions about Cloud Storage Reviews that are answered below. These answers help describe what Cloud Storage Reviews is all about.

Why does Cloud Storage Reviews exist?

We took on the task of creating a website that focused on harnessing experts and users knowledge while promoting community interaction. Our skills are in the design, development and construction of sites, so we brought our expertise to the table and hoped it would pay off with the uses.

Are the reviews independent? or do they promote certain companies?

The reviews are independent. We do not use reviews as an absolute measurement of excellence. Reviews are relative to their own company and it’s professed goal and mission.

Where do we get the time and money to manage Cloud Storage Reviews?

3 Ways:

  1. We donate our own time and effort. The goal is to provide the consumer with a community setting to discuss companies they are interested in. Understanding the importance of reliable information we feel this site is the best way to sort through the crap on the rest of the web.
  2. We use the site as testing ground for client ideas and projects. We are not afraid to try and experiment on sites like this. If it works, great. If not, no client will be upset with us and it is gives us peace of mind.  So this site is partly funded by our clients. Example: You will see YouTube videos covering a certain subject. We do videos for clients too, so this is where we test some of our production techniques.
  3. We get credit from some hosting companies. It definitely helps having credit come back for the time we spend on the website. This does not affect our reviews or ratings. Some of our top rated companies do not give any credit and we still rank them highly. Hopefully with a well thought out editor review contrasted to a user review, you will get a good, well-balanced feeling of the company. We understand this possible appearance of a conflict of interest and try to be as upfront as possible. We appreciate it when you use our links when purchasing selecting your cloud storage service, it helps improve Cloud Storage Reviews. It helps even more when you return to our site and leave a review of your experience with the company.

Which Online Backup do we use?

We are currently using ZipCloud for our business needs. Although this may not be exactly the best one for you, it’s a good place to start looking. We needed something for a small business and they provided that.

Questions or Comments?

info [AT] cloudstoragereviews.com