“Backup Time Machine To Cloud” Guide Released by Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Reviews announces their latest guide entitled, “Backup Time Machine To Cloud” which details how to backup Apple’s Time Machine to a cloud service provider.

Atlanta, GA – November 14th, 2012

Cloud Storage Reviews (https://cloudstoragereviews.co) releases guide on how to backup an Apple Time Machine external hard drive to a cloud service provider. The new guide gives people information regarding three popular methods of using Time Machine to backup to the cloud: IDrive, Dolly Drive and Transmit.

The guide explains that IDrive is an online backup company that offers one of the best and most straightforward ways to backup Time Machine. It makes an exact copy of the Time Machine drive and moves it to the cloud. It allows the user to rest assured that the hard drive is backed up in two places. The guide goes on to say that people can order a replacement hard drive which is delivered by mail. In the case of a computer hard drive and Time Machine failure, having a physical hard drive delivered over night cuts down on restore time.

Next up is Dolly Drive. Dolly Drive is a company that has software designed specifically for Apple computers. Within the software, customers can use the “Cloud Backup” option to backup entire hard drives. It works much like the way Time Machine works for Apple computers except Dolly Drive stores the data in the cloud.

Lastly, the guide brings up Transmit. Traditionally, Transmit is an FTP client, but one of it’s new features is the ability to sync local drives with cloud storage. The guide explains that you can purchase Transmit and configure your own cloud storage like Amazon S3 to backup to.

Steven Johnson, site administrator, said, “We just purchased a new computer at the office and because of the information kept on it, we can’t take any chances. We like the way Time Machine works so we simply want the ability to restore our Time Machine from the cloud if we need to. We think IDrive is the easiest solution for this.” (IDriveSync Review Released)

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