Best Business Cloud Storage

Businesses have great requirements across the board. Including backup features, cloud storage, sharing, support and reliability.

Cloud storage for business includes server support, dedicated phone tech support, ability to create multiple administrator accounts as well as different levels of permission access.

Best Business Cloud Storage

Top 5 Business Backup Factors

  1. Number of Computers & Users

    Doing a headcount to see how many users you need to have access to the cloud storage will be a must. It’s also safe to assume you should include all computers that need to use the software.

  2. Company Size

    You never want to be too large to be backed up. Gather all your computers and estimate how much space you will need total and per computer. After you have this information ask each of the prospective companies what they recommend you do.

  3. Supported Operating Systems

    If you have a lot of computers, you won’t want to limit the type of computer operating system that can be backed up. If you have mostly Mac computers you don’t want to push out all of the Windows computers and visa versa.

  4. Tech Support

    The most users with the account, the more tech support will be needed. Being able to call in or email your cloud storage company any time you have a question makes using their software more pleasurable.

  5. Administration & Software Features

    Each cloud storage company will come with software features, but having one that helps you manage the other users will improve the efficiency of cloud storage.