Best Free Cloud Storage Plans

Free Backup Plans are a great way to try a company with minimal risk. Most of the time, free cloud storage will only give you a fraction of the storage space, but will let you use all of the software.

Typically the accounts are full featured with a limit of 2GB or 5GB. Sometimes there are trials or feature limitations, but the popular method is to allow you full access at sacrifice of space. Learn more about the Pros & Cons of Free Online Backup Accounts.

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Best Free Online Backup Plans

Top 5 Best Free Backup Plan Factors

We don’t really believe that you will get all you need from the free accounts. But we are big fan’s of them. They are a great way to try out different companies without commitment.

  1. Space

    Will usually be limited under 5 GB’s (Typically 2GB, 3GB or 5GB)

  2. Upgrade Path

    What happens if you need more space? You are going to want the upgrading method to be simple and straight forward. Finding a company that does this right will help you crossover if you when you need it.

  3. Software

    Free is good, but good software is even better. It runs without issue, easy to use and has a website accessible version ensures you will be happy with your choice.

  4. Tech Support

    Support will be minimal for free accounts. Though, many companies that have support will allow you to access what you need regardless of subscription. Look for forums, social networks and email. Most companies realize that you are still a customer and want to help you.

  5. Hassle Factor

    If a company makes it hard to trial their product, why would buying it make it any easier? Look for well supported, well established companies for cloud storage.