Best Multiple Computer Cloud Storage Plans

Say goodbye to the days when everyone hovers around the family computer to “surf the web”. Now everyone has their own computer with thousands of pictures, music files and personal documents.

Good multi-computer backup works with mac’s and windows. There should also be web accessible account area for the user to see files and download them.

Small businesses can capitalize on multi-computer plans because they are relatively inexpensive. Larger businesses read our Expert Top Picks for business backups.

Best Multiple Computer Cloud Storage

Top 5 Cloud Storage Factors

  1. Number of Computers

    If you are looking for a plan that works with multiple computers, it’s going to be necessary to know how many computers you are backing up to the cloud. Do a head count and estimate how much space each computer will need to be backed up.

  2. Supported Operating Systems

    With the multi-computer plans especially, there is a greater chance that one or 2 of your computers will be using a different operating system like Windows or Mac. Backing up to the cloud should not be limited by this.

  3. Backup Software Features

    Often times a company can appear to have all of the goods but, in reality, offer few cloud storage features. Ignore marketing hype and use our Cloud Storage Guides to learn how to pick good companies.

  4. Data Storage Vs. Price

    Once you have a good idea of how much storage you need on the cloud, it’s time to start looking for the best value. Follow our guide to find how much backup space you need.

  5. Tech Support

    It’s easy to forget about tech support, but you will undoubtedly have a time or two when you need some help with the software. Knowing tech support is available makes this process of solving the problem much easier.