Best Single Computer Cloud Storage

Single Computer Backup Plans is one of the most popular types of plans. Prices can start as low as $5.00 and cloud storage of around 10GBs. Most people who use personal plans are on a single computer.

Many personal plans do not have the ability to backup on other computers. That being said, some of the best personal plans are a part of a multiple computer plan. Often this is done by having one set storage limitation of 30GB’s for example and any computer you use can backup files using it.

Think you would benefit from multi-computer cloud storage? Read our expert picks for Multiple Computer or Family backup plan.

Editor Picks – Single Computer Cloud Storage Plans

Top 5 Personal Backup Considerations

  1. Storage Vs. Price Price is directly related to how much storage is used. The more space you need the more it will cost. It’s important to figure out how much space you need before you can see how much you will be spending.
  2. Company Reputation We think a company that is well established will have the best plans. This is because they will have dealt with many other users that are looking for the same thing you are looking for.
  3. Backup Software Features A good set of features improves the convenience of cloud storage. Cloud storage that helps you tailor online backup to the way you live is crucial to making the most of cloud storage.
  4. Tech Support Helpful tech support separates average companies from superior ones. When you need help you don’t want to feel like the company left you after the sale was complete.
  5. Supported Operating Systems System requirements may not seem like a big deal, but if it allows you to backup whether it’s mac or windows could save you time if you ever decide to switch computers.