Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

Unlimited cloud storage plans come with unlimited data storage at a set price. We have found the limitations are typically in the backup features that come with the software. In some cases we have found that companies do actually have a limit even though the advertise not to.

For some companies file sharing, file upload size etc… will be excluded because that would require to much of the cloud’s resources.

Don’t settle for a bad company just because they promise unlimited data. Look at the fine print and decide for yourself if you think it’s a good idea.

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Editor Picks – Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

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Top 5 Things to consider when looking for Unlimited Storage Backup Plans

  1. Price

    Don’t allow price to be your only deciding factor. Some companies use price and unlimited storage as gimmicks to sell you a crappy product.

  2. Max File Size

    Hardly out in the open, the Max File Size options keeps users from being able to upload files of any size to their cloud storage. This can be good and bad. For the company they save space on their servers, but it’s not truly unlimited.

  3. Software Quality

    Unlimited space can seem like a good deal, but sometimes the software offers few back up options. Often times this is not an issue, but some limitations are found when a company offers unlimited storage.

  4. Terms of Service

    Unlimited is not always unlimited. Ensure there are no stipulations that you are not fine with meeting.

  5. Tech Support

    Poor tech support just subtracts from the experience. Do they have 24/7 phone support? How about email? You want to make sure these things are answered before making a big decision.