Best Practices

Keeping up with your online backup and cloud storage files and software is important. You are backing up files and documents you find important, and there are some ways to improve storage methods and increase file lifespan. There are good ways you can keep your data safe with cloud storage if you have the right tools. This section is dedicated to helping you maintain your data for online storage.

  1. Prepare a data backup plan. This plan incompasses all of the aspects of online backup. Choose files and create folders to keep them in as well as scheduling a time for them to be backed up. This keeps you and the software on top of your backups keeping them safe.
  2. Organize files for cloud storage. Sort through all of the unwanted files that can be thrown away and figure out what can be kept. Finding downloaded internet files can clutter hard drives and will take up needed online storage. Duplicate files are the same way. Having one or more of the same file creates unneeded clutter.
  3. Install / Configure / Run your first backup. Choosing a good service and maintaining a prompt file organization plan is crucial.
  4. Restore Testing. Cloud storage is great because it regularizes the restore practice. This happens with new features like sharing and syncing with multiple devices. Restoring now simply means being able to access your file from anywhere any time. Using this and making sure it is robust and reliable will save you trouble later on.
  5. Schedule Routine Checks. Every so often login to your account and look for missing information, corrupt files or error messages. You can also find them in the software. Good companies will send out warnings if they plan to shut down servers or update software.

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