Cloud Storage Reviews Details “Cloud Storage File Sharing Explained” In Latest Guide

Cloud Storage Reviews announced their latest cloud storage basics guide which helps people understand file sharing using cloud storage.

Atlanta, GA – November 8th, 2012

Cloud Storage Reviews ( released their latest guide entitled “Cloud Storage File Sharing Explained” which helps people new to cloud storage understand the basics of file sharing. Their guide explains the types of file sharing including: email sharing, social sharing, public URL sharing, and pre-registered user sharing.

First, the guide mentions email sharing. The guide calls email sharing “the most common type of sharing available” because it can be sent to anyone with email. A short tutorial guides users through how to share using email with cloud provider example, SugarSync. (SugarSync Review Announced)

After email sharing the guide moves on to social sharing. According to the guide, social sharing with cloud storage services is when a user posts a link to their social network profile using the cloud storage software or website. In this guide they use IDriveSync as a cloud storage example. The guide then goes into how an IDriveSync user can share files using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Next, the guide describes how to share a file or folder using the public URL. The editors chose to use Dropbox as the cloud storage provider example for sharing a public URL. They mentioned that, generally, public URLs are not secure because anyone with the link can access the files.

Lastly, the guide brings up pre-registered user file sharing. It mentions Box as a collaborative cloud storage solution. Pre-registered user sharing is used frequently by Box customers as a means to share and collaborate on files all within the ‘Box’. Having pre-registered users means administrators can set up privacy settings and people can use profiles set up on the software to share files.

Talking about the guide David Blane, Cloud Storage Reviews Editor said, “I thought it would be helpful to create a guide that answers the question, ‘How can I share files on my cloud storage provider with other people?’ This is because it is a common question. We were able to incorporate several cloud storage providers as examples to demonstrate the different types of file sharing available. Hopefully people will have a clearer idea of how sharing works and find a method that works for them.”

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