Cloud Storage Reviews Outlines “How SugarSync Works” In Latest Guide

Cloud Storage Reviews announced their latest cloud storage basics guide called “How SugarSync Works” in an effort to help people understand SugarSync.

Atlanta, Ga – October 31st, 2012

Cloud Storage Reviews ( released their latest guide entitled “How SugarSync Works” to help prospective customers understand SugarSync better. Their guide goes over the basic functionality of SugarSync and provides unique insight from the cloud experts including reasons to sync, file management, and other tools that SugarSync has.

The guide first starts off by explaining what cloud storage is, then moves to the concepts of syncing files between computers and why this is useful. In this section the editors focus on the difference between syncing and traditional backup.

Next, the guide dives into the how downloading, setting up and managing files works. They show how to download SugarSync. The editors then start talking about how to manage the files and folders using the SugarSync manager. After talking about the manager They mention the mobile app and It’s unique upload photos feature. Towards the end of this section they mention how to use the website app.

Lastly, they mention the ways in which you can share files using SugarSync. These are Email, Facebook share, Tweeting, or Public URL.

David Blane, Cloud Storage Editor said, “We’re glad SugarSync has tried a different approach to syncing. The single, all-in-one, sync folder model needs a change, and it’s nice to see another successful model out there on the market.”

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