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Top companies for all types of cloud storage:

Best Multiple Computer Cloud Storage


For those who will need more than one computer backed up, this is the area for you. These companies have plans that will work for more than one computer. Most people and certainly family environments will have more than one computer they need to backup. Small companies and organizations will also find this section useful. Our Top 3 Multiple Computer Cloud Storage Picks

4.2 (24)
Multi Computer Plans: Yes
5.7 (7)
Multi Computer Plans: Yes
8.0 (2)
Multi Computer Plans: Yes
0.0 (0)
Multi Computer Plans: Yes
2.5 (5)
Multi Computer Plans: Yes

Best Free Backup

Best Free Cloud Storage

Nothing is ever 100% free. But, we do think some companies have some pretty unbeatable deals. The way free services work is they give you a certain amount of free storage space (not much) and hope that you will want to upgrade the service.Our Top 3 FREE Cloud Storage Picks

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Best Personal Backup

Top Personal online backup companies

Also known as a single computer plan, the best personal backup will be made for one user. This may mean the service supports multiple computers or not. It depends on what you are looking for. Often times personal users find it useful to share files with their work computer or laptops.Our Top 3 Personal Cloud Storage Picks

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Best Business Backup

Best Business Backup Companies

Imagine all of your business computers are fried in an electrical surge and the data stored on them is lost. That would be a nightmare. Business cloud storage keeps all files safe by allowing for multiple computers and users to back up their data. In most cases cloud storage solutions also provide easy to use file sharing abilities. Making collaboration with files much easier.Our Top 3 Business Backup Cloud Storage Picks

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Best Unlimited Storage


Get ALL your data backed up and safe. Peace of mind comes when you know all of your important files are safe. See our list of the best Unlimited Cloud Storage plans. Your search for better storage for your files will be over when you see the best unlimited plans. Our Top 3 Unlimited Cloud Storage Picks

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Learn More About our Expert Picks

Our Top Picks page lists all of the cloud storage companies that we have reviewed and found to be deserving of a top spot on our site. Many of our these companies are good, but the top picks are the best of the bunch. They are also referred to as expert picks because they are chosen by our editors and cloud storage gurus.

Cloud Storage Reviews developed a Top Picks area for users to easy get a glimpse of our favorite cloud storage companies.

How We Rate:

10 – Best Pick.
9 – No room for complaint
8 – Great product, maybe some adjustments
7 – Decent
6 – Not ideal, but works
5 – Functional, but has issues
4 – Hard to use
3 – Poorly made, doesn’t do what it says
2 – No benefit to using this product
1- Terrible, avoid at all costs

What to look for in a good Cloud Storage Service

Finding the best cloud storage provider depends on what you are looking for but all good cloud companies have many qualities in common.

We find most people are looking for a specific amount of storage, number of computers, or features such as sharing any syncing. To make it easier on you we created expert picks lists based on the following categories: Best Multi Computer, Best Single Computer, Best Free, Best Business, and Best Unlimited Storage.

When looking at the different plans, keep in mind the following points to make the best decision and do not let price be the only factor when selecting the best plan:

  • Ease of Use
    One of the features we find most critical with cloud storage companies is that they are easy to set up and use. We think you should be able to visit their website, start the download and be backing up files to the cloud within 20 minutes or so. It should also be easy to navigate files through an online interface as well as desktop software. You should never feel like cloud storage is something you don’t understand. It should be intuitive and straightforward.
  • File Backup Features
    Storing your files online using the cloud should be simple and give you the type of options you need. Scheduling, versioning, file size/type limits, restore methods should all be easy to find and use within the application.
  • File Sharing
    Most people that look into cloud storage want the ability to share files. Even if you don’t think you’ll use them, it’s good to know they are there. File sharing can turn cloud storage into a place where collaborating on files with co-workers, for example, is easy to do. It’s also nice when you can send someone an email with a link to a file you want them to see.
  • Remote Access
    Accessing your data on the cloud is very important. Whether it’s at home or in a cafe down the street, It’s important that the cloud storage companies provide an easy way to find the files you need and retrieve them instantly. Mobile/Cell phone applications are a huge benefit to using cloud storage.
  • Security
    Safety and security are the reasons you are looking at cloud storage in the first place. All cloud storage companies should have substantial protection against data loss, theft and other data loss scenarios.
  • Customer Support
    Phone, email, chat, ticket support are all necessary for a company to have. Anytime we see a company has phone support, we feel like they are trying to get people the help that they need. If you request to be helped, you should not feel ignored or looked over. Good companies will make sure you are taken care of.

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