How Cloud Storage Works

Cloud storage came, relatively recently, on to the computing scene as a means by which companies and individuals can store or backup files in their computers and mobile devices on an online server. Over time, the number of files and documents in a computer keep growing until they reach a point where there’s simply not enough space to contain them all. A solution is then needed to store files in a separate location so as to free up computer space, as well as allow for more files to be acquired.

How Cloud Storage Works:

One solution is to begin storing files on an external or portable hard drive. While this may work for some, companies and individuals with terabytes of data would quickly fill an external drive and find themselves back where they started; they need more. This is where a cloud storage service comes in.

The word cloud is a metaphor for the internet or the online world. Cloud storage works as a combination of an online backup or storage service and cloud computing for data management. Information is stored in what can be viewed as a warehouse full of computers called server farms or data centers. Data centers can be located anywhere in the world depending on your storage provider. Most cloud storage services ensure the safety and privacy of your files by encrypting the data so that it is not intercepted and read by malicious third parties.

For a relatively low monthly fee, users can store all their files on a secure online location and never worry about having to find space. Files can be uploaded and downloaded with ease. They are safe, secure and can be accessed, by you and anyone authorized by you, from anywhere at any time via any computer or mobile device using a web browser. Such services can even automatically back up and sync files on any device without any extra effort on the part of the user.

In addition to providing space, cloud storage can serve as means by which to protect your files and data from computer failure, theft or any other type of event that may cause your valuable information to be lost forever. Having your data online will also give you the ability to share some or all of it with friends, family, or co-workers. All you’d need to do is send them a link, or log in details, and they’ll be able to access it.

Most online backup companies now have some sort of cloud storage capability. Most use what’s called a Sync Folder which keeps all of the files up to date on all connected devices over the cloud network.

What is Cloud Storage? It is a mixture of Online Backup Services with Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing keeps files available to multiple computers through a network and Online Backup Services store file on servers for security purposes.

Cloud Storage is used by Online Backup Companies to allow users to pull a file from their online storage from any computer or device that is enabled with the service.

Benefits of Cloud Storage:

It allows the user to immediately have access to the file make changes and save that file all while it still exists on the server. This is convenient for those who want to work on documents while not at their home or business computer.

It’s also helpful for immediate file retrieval if the user has accidentally deleted an important file.

Synchronizing Files:

Some of these Online Backup Companies will offer file Sync. That means all changes made to data stored on their servers is changed for all who have access to that data. This is convenient because it will work with software that allows the computer to keep all synced files up to date.

Personal vs. Workgroup Cloud:

For those that only need one account to access their files from different sources the it will be considered a personal cloud. If multiple accounts have access to the cloud it will called a workgroup cloud.

Cloud Storage Companies Include: