How much should you pay for backup services?

The difference in price will depend on the service you get. Different plans have costs associated with them that other plans may not. More computers, sync folders and enterprise management software cost more for example.

There are different scales of online backup plans. Each is designed for to fit a certain budget and data storage requirement. If you’re not sure which category you fit into or how much you should pay, follow our guide.

Single Computers

For a user with only one computer there are several companies that thrive. And you should not pay extra for the ability to backup other computers.

  1. SugarSync – $4.95/month for 30GB, 1 computer synced with all devices. Read Review
  2. IDrive – $4.95/month for 150GB, 1 computer synced with some mobile devices. Read Review
  3. Backblaze – $5.00/month for Unlimited GB, 1 computer, no mobile devices supported. Read Review
  4. All Single Computer Top Picks

Multiple Computers

One person or a group with multiple computers. Families often fall into this category. Pay to back up more than one computer with only one account or a up to 5 different users. Don’t pay extra for user management, usage charts or extensive multi-user software.

  1. SugarSync – $49.99/month ($449/year) for 100 GBs and 3 users (Add users and space as needed). Read Review
  2. SafeCopy – Starting at $70/year 300GB (All your computers can be backed up under 1 account). Read Review
  3. IDrive Pro Family Pack – $4.95/month for 500GB and up to 5 PCs on one account. Read Review
  4. All Multiple Computer Top Picks

Basic Business Backup

What does it take to backup your business? You will likely need to have more than one computer and more than one user. Most options are scalable to fit your needs. If you have a lot of requirements, consider the next category for advanced business backup.

  1. ElephantDrive – $25/month ($200/year) for 50GB up to 5 users. Read Review
  2. IBackup – $20.00/month ($216.00/yr) for 10GB, Database backup with 3 sub accounts. Read Review
  3. Box – $15/user/month for 500GB. Read Review
  4. All Business Top Picks

Advanced Business Backup

Trying to backup Win Servers, Exchange Servers, Oracle Servers, etc…? Often times this section is for the larger businesses with lots of needs. Some companies will require you to call for an estimate, but this list compiles what information we have already gathered. Not sure what you need? Read the enterprise online backup strategy guide.

  1. iBackup – Professional Plans: $4.95/month (49.00/yr) for 15GB Database backup, Multiple accounts and up to 30 versions of a file. Read Review
  2. ElephantDrive – Enterprise Edition: $15/month ($920/year) or 250GB up to 25 users. Read Review
  3. Box – Have to call for estimate. Unlimited users and storage. Read Review
  4. All Advanced Business Top Picks

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