How Much Should You Pay for Cloud Storage Services?

The cost associated with cloud storage or backup plans is in direct correlation to the amount of data you need to store. More often than not, the amount of data will depend on the number of computers that need to be backed up as well as whether it is for personal or business needs. Below is a guideline for you to use when deciding on how much to pay for cloud storage.

Single Computers

If your cloud storage needs are for one single computer then you may benefit from a free plan. Many companies, such as Mozy and IDrive, offer free accounts with a storage capacity of 2 to 5GB. Not a whole lot of room, but if you data doesn’t include large files such as video, you can certainly fit quite a bit in 5GB of space. The free accounts can be used indefinitely as long as the allocated space exceeds your needs.

If you need more, then the cost and amount of space will depend on whether or not you need your computer to be synced with other devices.

For instance, SugarSync offers 30GB of space for $4.95 a month and includes syncing with any other device that you may have. If you only have a couple of devices that you’d like synced, then IDrive would be a better choice as it offers 150GB of space for the same flat fee of $4.95 a month. CrashPlan offers unlimited storage for only $5 a month if no syncing is needed.

Multiple Computers

Given that the overwhelming majority of households boast more than just one computer nowadays, a multiple-computer plan may offer a better option. With a multiple-computer option you can include a number of different users in one account – a far more cost-effective route than opting for individual single-computer plans.

Again, price will depend on storage space and number of computers to be included in the account.

For instance, SOS Online Backup charges $80 a year for 50GB of storage and up to 5 PC’s per account. If you only need 3 computers backed up, then for $75 a year you can get unlimited storage space with Nomadesk.


While Business and personal plans are similar in the most part, there are a few distinctions. Most businesses need their servers, such as Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and 2003, backed up in addition to a regular PC or Mac operating system. Most cloud storage providers also offer business plans with expanded tech support options.

ElephantDrive offers 50GB of space and 5 users for $25 a month. They have a bulkier plan which runs $115 a month and includes 250GB and up to 25 users.