How SugarSync Works

SugarSync is a backup company that stores all of your files on a cloud and syncs all the files to any device you connect to it. You pay for the syncing storage and you can select any files you want to be shared over the cloud to all your devices.

What Is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a network of servers that save your files to their hard drive. There is a bunch of them connected together and, if you were to draw it, it would look like a cloud.

Why Should I Sync?

At it’s core, SugarSync is a file backup solution that stores your files on the cloud. In recent years, people have so many devices which makes it inconvenient to have your files only on one device. Syncing allows you to keep your important files up to date across multiple computers and devices like the iPhone or a Tablet.

Downloading SugarSync


Download SugarSync by going to this link and clicking the download button. Once you have the file downloaded, open it and go through the installation. After SugarSync Manager been installed, open it.

Managing Synced Files


Once you have SugarSync set up on all of your devices, open the desktop manager up. You will be asked to sign in. Once signed in you can manage your files.

Sync Folders
Click the ‘Manage Sync Folders’ button to start moving your files around. Unlike Dropbox or Google Drive, you do not have to move or duplicate files into a specified ‘Sync Folder’. With SugarSync you can make any folder a ‘Sync Folder’.

This works best when you are wanting to maintain your current file structure. Say you have a work computer and a home computer. Your work computer has half your documents for your personal bank statements and you want to share those with your home computer. In SugarSync manager, you would click, ‘Add Folders to SugarSync’. Then you can select which computers those folders are shared on.

Using SugarSync Mobile App


SugarSync apps is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. You can download the app from any of the app stores.

Uploading Photos
SugarSync creates a folder specifically for mobile uploads when you download the app. Any time you want, just tap “Photos” and tap the camera icon in the top left corner. Select the pictures you want to upload and they will automatically be uploaded to your mobile folder.

The files will automatically be added to your desktop computer in the ‘Pictures’ folder under the ‘Mobile Uploads’ folder. The only down side to this is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to unsync the mobile folder on just one device. It’s either connected to all devices or none.

SugarSync Website App


On the SugarSync website you can access all of the files that you uploaded to SugarSync. From here you can easily share your files with other people and download the to any computer with an internet connection.

Web Archive
The Web Archive holds files that you want to back up, but you do not necessarily want shared across all of your computers. The files are uploaded into this folder and they are only stored on the website.

Magic Briefcase
The Magic Briefcase is much like the ‘Sync Folders’ found in Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s a one stop sync folder. Put any files into this folder and they will automatically be synced with all of your devices connected through

SugarSync Sharing


Sharing works the same on SugarSync’s mobile app, software app and website app. Simply select the file you want to share and click the ‘Share’ button.

Sharing Options

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