How We Review & Rate


At Cloud Storage Reviews, we enjoy the process of learning about companies, how they work and what they offer customers. This whole website started out when we were looking for online backups.

Our reviews focus around the companies professed vision, the quality of their product and their relationships with customers. We take a look at the features they offer, the size of the companies, volume of users, ease of use, tech support help and friendliness and many other features. Often times our reviews are because we are considering the use of a service.

Our editors review based on a set of criteria that is not bound by any bias and have been trained to work thoroughly with companies.

Our Rating Scale

10 – Perfect, other products should strive to be this
9 – Highly Recommended, worth checking out
8 – Excellent, but with room for a little improvement
7 – Good but not Excellent
6 – Solid Service but they do have a few issue
5 – Recommended: Just Barely
4 – More Bad than Good
3 – Serious Functionality Problems, Try to avoid
2 – You will probably never see your data again
1- Avoid this company in every possible way

Our Process

We avidly comb our user reviews for miss-leading, spammy or dishonest comments that provide miss-information to the customers looking to purchase online backup.

All reviews are created by Cloud Storage Reviews. We do not import or use others opinions as our own. We do, however, research the what people have to say about the companies while pursuing our own review of the company. We work to find out what people want to know most.

Anyone can use the review system we have in place. we find this is the best way to help the community grow and learn from each other. That means, if YOU have used a cloud storage company, please let us know what you thought by leaving a review and rating.

We are somewhat selective about what kind of reviews we accept. Those that seem out of place or not thought through enough to help everyone learn something, we will discard. The goal is too promote honest meaningful ratings of companies that provide cloud storage. Head over to our reviews section to see some reviews.

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