JustCloud Reviewed By Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Reviews has reviewed JustCloud, an online backup service was which found to be easy to use, reliable, flexible and an overall excellent value.

Altanta, GA – 12/20/2012

Cloud Storage Reviews (https://cloudstoragereviews.co) announces their release of their JustCloud review. The editors found JustCloud to be an easy to use service that is reliable and comes with rich set of useful tools.

Cloud Storage Reviews focused on JustCloud’s experience with installation, backup, restoration, sharing, support and syncing.

Starting with installation, the reviewers found the software installation to be very easy, taking only a few minutes.

The next step was to create the first backup job. JustCloud comes with backup options which include advanced scheduling, file selection preferences, bandwidth throttling, file type limiting, security settings, and power and CPU settings.

When it comes to restoring files, the editors recommended using the desktop software instead of the web or mobile apps. The desktop software has a much cleaner interface for file restores. Additionally, the web and mobile apps have no way to download bulk files or folders. The editors called the process, “Straightforward”.

File sharing can be done using the web or mobile JustCloud apps. From within those accounts files can be shared to Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

The editors found the Help Center to work well, however, they noted that phone support and live chat are not options. Premium Support can be purchased as a premium addon.

When looking at JustCloud as a company, they are advertised as a backup solution, but the service also comes with a sync folder. This folder allows you to sync files to any computer or device connected to your JustCloud account. It’s used by dropping files into the folder and they are automatically copied to the other devices. The editors found this to be easy to use and convenient.

Steven Johnson, Cloud Storage Reviews editor, said, “We have been following JustCloud since it’s release a little over two years ago. It’s been fun to see how much the product has come along. They do a great job and we like using them”.

Cloud Storage Reviews goes into more detail about how file sharing works in one of their guides called, “Cloud Storage File Sharing Explained”.

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