Max File Size Upload Limits

Some companies limit the size of files you upload to the online backup servers. There are a few reasons they do this, see the list of companies here.

Why would an online backup company want to limit your file upload? Especially if they are an “Unlimited” storage company. What’s the difference in one large file and a bunch of small ones?

Why Is There A File Size Limit?

Some companies want to keep their bandwidth as fast as possible. This means keeping users’ backups small and incremental. This increase the speed at which all users can back up to the servers at the same time. If one user has a 10GB file and everyone else has a bunch of 2MB files, it’s quicker to upload the small ones. In theory this helps out everyone because it speeds up everyone’s connection.

Usually companies have these restrictions for the users that really hog the servers. Although, customers that are purchasing unlimited backup are wondering, “Why did I buy unlimited backup if I can’t upload files of any size?”.

The answer is, you can backup unlimited small files but companies have realized server space gets taken up really quick by a select few with really large files and the average person with smaller files gets poor server response as a result of sharing the same server storage space.

Right or wrong?

It is neither right nor wrong. We look at it as, is the company being upfront and honest, then that’s all you can ask.

Yes, you get unlimited storage, but no, you do not get to upload files over 4GB for example.

The companies that hide that information inside of their knowledgebase or on a forum post is not being very straight forward. It’s suggested to ask a salesperson either on chat or on the phone and they should be upfront with you.

Companies & file size limits:

  • MyPC Backup – 5GB’s
  • Carbonite – 4GB’s
  • Mozy – 4GB’s
  • BackBlaze – 9GB’s