MyPC Backup Reviewed by Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Reviews has reviewed MyPC Backup and describes the online backup company as “An easy to use backup solution with many useful features and simple restore process”

Atlanta, GA – January 10, 2013

Cloud Storage Reviews ( published their MyPC Backup review. The editors found that MyPC Backup provides a service that is easy to use, a wide range of data backup options and a simple restoration process. Additionally they outlined their experience with the installation, file backup, file restoration, sharing, mobile access, syncing, and price.

Installation is a process that MyPC Backup does very well. From the website, a customer signs up for a free account and downloads the software. After the software is installed, the customer logs in, makes a couple selections and the backup starts right away.

Then it comes to backing up files, MyPC Backup has improved their software with helpful features. These features are advanced scheduling, file selection, bandwidth throttling, file type, security, power and CPU and a few other options.

Restoring files is recommended to do through the software. The editors said that the web and mobile apps work well for downloading individual files, but not for bulk file restoration.

Sharing files works by using the web app or mobile app. Select a file and share via email. recipients have to have an account to view the files.

The mobile app for MyPC Backup is clean and elegant. It automatically backups up the camera roll on the mobile device if enabled. Customers can also use the app to backup devices connected to their account remotely.

MyPC Backup comes with a sync folder with 1GB which not many backup companies do. Sync folders are used to automatically synchronize files to all your devices. Computers, smart phones, tablets, anything with your MyPC Backup sync folder will have a copy of the files within it. It is upgradable to 5GB’s as an addon.

Price is set at $7.95 with a 70% off deal which brings it down to $2.23. It comes with a lot of features built in and addons can also be purchased to enhance the backup.

Steven Johnson, Cloud Storage Reviews administrator said, “We have been using MyPC Backup for over a year and their product has been dramatically enhanced. It’s still just as easy to use, but now includes many new backup features that it did not have before. It also now supports Mac OSX and Linux OS.”

MyPC Backup was awarded best new backup company in 2011.

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