Online Backup Tips

Don’t just choose a backup company arbitrarily, pick the best out there! Make sure the company is easy to use, has a lot of features, works with your mobile devices and is very secure.

Through our years of reviewing Online Backup Companies we have discovered what makes a backup company great. 

Here are our Top Tips for selecting an Online Backup company:

1. Go with a Well Known Company

Go with an established company that friends have talked about. Companies who have worked hard to become a household name are going to stand behind their product, their reputation and success depend on it. You don’t want to risk your files with a company that might be shady or disappear in a few months.

Good Companies

Carbonite • Mozy • MyPC Backup

2. Easy To Use

Make sure the backup and restore process is easy to understand and execute.   A good company will walk you through the first backup immediately after install. The application should be easy to access and the screens simple with a clean interface.The program should also run in the background and not slow down your computer.

3. Features Rich

Features to look for include: Customizable Scheduling, Bandwidth Throttling, File Type Exclusion, Mobile Access, File Sharing, Max file upload size, File Versioning.  These feature will make working with backups a more enjoyable experience. 

4. Mobile Apps

Having access to your files from a phone or tablet makes all the difference in the world. Mobile access allows you to send pictures to friends or share business documents. When looking at backup companies make sure your device is supported. Most companies support Apple and Android devices.

5. Security

Security means your files are going to be safe on the company’s servers. Companies use techniques like encryption and redundancy to protect your files. Encryption codes your files so no one can see them. Redundancy means your files are stored safely in multiple locations in the event one group of servers fail.

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