Pros and Cons of Free Online Backup

Free online backup can be pretty useful. Though it won’t work for high frequency users, but for the average document, couple of photos or music albums it works pretty well. Learn why free online backup is both good and bad.

Is free online backup really worth it? This guide breaks down whether or not free online backup services are worth while.

Free Online Backup has it’s good and bad characteristics. The bad being that you can not rely on them to store many important files. The good being that they can hold files you are going to need immediately and can get them from anywhere.


  • Free
  • Convenient for very small files
  • Works great as a multi-device, file-syncing utility
  • Some offer easy sharing


  • Online storage limitation
  • Only allow one user account
  • Limited technical support
  • Not adequate for most space requirements

How Much is One Gigabyte?

  • 8,000 Word documents
  • 300 Pictures
  • 170 Songs
  • 17 Videos

Free Online Backup Services:

  • iDrive- 5GB Free
    • Offers the most free storage. Available but limited mobile access.
  • Mozy- 2GB Free
    • Easy to use desktop software. No mobile access
  • Dropbox- 2GB Free
    • Very easy to use. All under one folder structure. Great Mobile Access.
  • SugarSync- 2GB Free
    • Easy to use. Select files and folders for synchronization. Mobile access.

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