Reasons To Backup To The Cloud

There are many reasons backup to the cloud. Security, Accessibility, Easy to share files, Versioning, and scheduled backups.

You probably keep hearing about this ‘Cloud’. What is it?

Cloud computing is a term that refers to data begin stored online so that it can be accessed from any device that is connected. This may answer your questions enough to understand why people like using it. Otherwise read along to see our reasons.

1. Security

You can easily make sure a file is safe by copying it to the cloud. Since it’s stored off location, it isn’t connected to any problems your computer might have.

2. Accessibility

It’s really easy to get data that is on the cloud. That’s because many services have ways for you to get files from any connected devices. Also they provide website access to your files.

3. Easy to share

Not only can you connect multiple devices but it’s usually very easy to share with other people. Most cloud syncing providers make it easy to set up an account and share with your friends via email or public link.

4. Version history

Most, if not all, cloud storage companies have a way to view previous versions of files that you save to the cloud. That means while you have 10+ iterations of a work document, you can find the one with the correct information in it from an older version.

5. Scheduled backup

Backing up manually takes a while. Most cloud backup can be done automatically or with a scheduled option. This makes backing up much easier for everyone.

Other reasons

If you were wondering if you should use a backup storage company, you should. It makes sense. Right now there is a ton of competition in the industry and they come out with new features all the time. We definitely recommend finding a company. Before you do, make sure to read our reviews.

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