Cloud Storage Reviews is not the only place to find information. We referenced and contribute to knowledgebases already accessible to everyone We thought it would be helpful for you to take a look at these links if you are still looking for information.

We have spent our time reading and learning using lots of cloud storage resources. So we created this page of articles, guides and pages, we have found useful.

  • Cloud Storage on Wikipedia – Cloud Storage history, information and technical details.
  • Remote backup on Wikipedia – Online Backup history, information and technical details. Here you will find a resource on the history of online data backup, how it works, and some technical details.
  • Wikipedia – Online Backup Company Comparison Chart. A helpful comparison chart of Online Backup Companies and their features.
  • – Online Backup FAQs. A useful collection of common Online Backup questions.
  • – takes a look at the definition of Online Search and provides more resources about storage solutions.
  • PC Magazine – Best Online Backup Choices. A list of PC Magazine’s best online backup choices with useful modern applications explained.
  • – Incremental Backups. This is a helpful article explaining how incremental backups work.
  • – Continuous Backups. A helpful article that explains what Continuous Backup is.
  • – Why to use Online Backup. This article helps underline the main reasons to start backing up your data.
  • – 10 free online backup tools. A list of helpful tools for those looking for a cheap online backup solution.
  • – PDF. A brochure listing reasons to backup and comparing services.
  • – Online Backup popularity is growing among businesses. An article noting the growth of Online Backup services. Many Business are starting to use Online Backup services.