Selecting a Single Computer Cloud Storage Plan

Backing up your computer files is simply a necessity. The risk of losing work and documents compiled over years of effort is just too big. Today, there are hundreds of cloud storage companies who can handle your backup needs for close to nothing. And given these low prices, cloud storage is a veritable no-brainer.

Those who only use one computer can especially benefit from low prices and large storage space by virtue of single computer storage plans; however, there a few things which need to be taken into consideration prior to pulling the trigger on a purchase.

Service Provider

While many companies strive to acquire and retain clients by providing a great service, not all companies are created equal. Some due diligence is in order. The provider of your choice needs to be an established service in the business, preferably with a number of positive reviews by current customers.

Sure, every company has to start somewhere, but the cloud storage game is extremely competitive. Many new companies go out of business shortly after they start and when they do, your backed up files may go with them.

Customer Support

When you need some help with your backup needs, and virtually everybody does from time to time, you need a service provider with the capability to provide that help. Most of the reputable companies offer great support for those who need it. Your cloud storage company of choice should offer support in the form of live online chat, telephone and email.

Operating System

Regardless of whether your current computer is a PC or a Mac, it is best to select a provider with the ability to backup both computers. You’ll be glad you did if one day you decide to switch to a PC from a Mac or vice versa.


Features help make life easier when it comes to backing up or storing your files on the cloud. While the more features the better, the cost of the service does go up when you start getting into some of the more advanced features that your single computer may not necessarily need; however, some of the must-have features to look for are:

  • File encryption before transfer: this feature will make it impossible for your files to be read by a third party should they get intercepted during transfer
  • Versioning of files: to allow you to recover older versions of the same document
  • Backup specification: a feature which allows you to conduct backups by file type, folder, as well as date modified


Price should be the last factor in your choice of companies. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential services based on the above criteria, you can then proceed to choosing the company which offers the lowest price.