SugarSync 2.0 Release Overview

SugarSync has completely redesigned their application from the ground up. It has been a much needed update to their earlier design which many did not feel do their product justice.

Their philosophy according to their latest blog post is “…to be the most powerful and flexible cloud service around, but simple and easy to use.”

SugarSync 2.0 Overview


We have been SugarSync fans for many years because we appreciate the functionality their software offers. With many cloud storage options offering a ‘Sync Folder’ solution SugarSync struggled to catch up in the ease-of-use department.

Companies like Dropbox and Google Drive both use a one-folder solution to syncing files to the cloud. SugarSync gives you the ability to select files from anywhere on your computer and syncing them with a cloud.

The problem was people could not see all of their files in one place. With the new design that has changed.

SugarSync Drive – (Displays ALL Synced Files)


This is probably the most significant improvement in terms of ease of use. Not having the sync folder is what kept SugarSync from competing with the major cloud storage brands. Simply because people don’t understand how to manage their files the way the SugarSync used to.

The SugarSync Drive is a direct connection with the cloud. All the files you see in the folder are virtually stored on you computer. They are only their until you eject the SugarSync Drive.

Collaboration is drastically improved using this method. You can navigate to your files in Finder or Windows Explorer and open your file (Word Document for example) and edit it on the fly. When you save the file, the new file is instantly saved to the cloud. Then it can be edited from another location using the latest updated file.

Cloud File Manager


SugarSync looks completely different. From top to bottom, this new app is killer. It looks SOOOOO much better than it was. You can see how it used to look in our How SugarSync Works guide.

After you download and install you will see the brand new interface. Easily add folders to your SugarSync account by drag-n-dropping your files from Finder or Windows Explorer.

Also in the ‘Cloud’ area you can select which folders you want to be seen on which computers and if you want them to be stored only on the cloud.

Folder Editing


Another one of the new features is the easy edit folder. Here you can select whether or not you want to sync the folder with a certain computer. You can see who has permission to view the file and share it with new people. You can choose to share files using a SugarSync url for public viewers.

Further down you can edit some advanced settings. Here you have the options to add or edit folder labels, exclude subfolders from sync (manage them), or remove the whole folder from syncing.

Sharing Files


Under the new sharing section you can view items shared with you, items you share, and select contacts to share with. We did not have any items being shared with us so we are only showing the Shared By Me section. Here you can see we have shared Movies and Music with other people privately and several files publicly.



With in the activity section you can see a list of all the files changed over a period of time. All of our changes shown here happened ‘Today’. If it was not today, it would show the last date someone had changed the files or it was uploaded. To retrieve versions of a file you must be on the website.



Search gives you quick access to files you can’t find. If you’re like me and have a lot of files to sort through, then the search option comes in handy quite a bit. You may find yourself using it a lot. It’s quick, easy and functional.

Website Overview


The website now mimics the new software. You have Cloud, Sharing, Activity, and Search on the top of the page. It’s very clean and has a much better look. Make a new folder or click the ‘People’ icon to share folders.

Website Folder View


Use the folder view to see what’s inside folders. We like the way the photos are displayed in Gallery view. From this section you can share, download, upload, get info, add subfolders, or copy selected files.

In this same section select a file to share it, download it, see it’s versions, view it full screen, get info, move, copy or delete it.

New Mobile Apps


At this point they have yet to be released. From the screen shots on their website, you can see that they have definitely improved the look and feel of the app. Before it looked pretty outdated. Now it uses familiar navigation that many other popular apps use.

Uploading photos is more flexible. You can now choose which folder you want to upload to and take photos right from within SugarSync app.

The new app will be available on Android and iOS.


This is very exciting news. For a long time SugarSync has been overlooked because many people didn’t understand how to use it. Now, with these new improvements, I think they will do much better. Over the long run people will enjoy having the ability to manage files easily.

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