ZipCloud Mobile App Overview

ZipCloud launches brand new mobile phone app with picture backup and easy syncing. It’s made for iPhone and Android.

ZipCloud is one of the fastest growing online backup providers. They provide excellent personal and business plans.

Up until recently ZipCloud has been lacking a proper mobile app for your smart phone. You could user their website on your phone, but it lacked the functionality of other cloud backup apps. Now they have an app that will run on your iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.

For this article we’ll be using the iPhone 4s.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic photo backup to ZipCloud from phone
  • Start remote computer backups from your phone
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Take picture directly in the app
  • Doodle app included


  • Only 1GB of sync folder space

Home Screen

This is the main screen that you see when the ZipCloud app is launched. From here you can manage each of your devices connected to your ZipCloud account and navigate through the backed up items. Simply select one of the devices to look at the backed up files.

If you select the iPhone you have the options to enable Photo backup and whether you want ZipCloud to backup over just Wifi or both Wifi and Data. On your computer’s overview you will see backup details, recently added files, and you have the ability to start a remote backup from your phone.

Sync Folder

Using the sync folder is a folder that syncs files over multiple devices synonymously. This is different than your backups because this particular folder will have exactly the same files on each of your devices. It’s commonly used to sync highly used files across computers in different locations.

Uploading Files

With ZipCloud you have the option to upload files directly from your iPhone. Each features uploads files into the sync folder. You can then retrieve the file from ZipCloud’s software or website.

Upload Options:

  • Create a text file
  • Draw a doodle
  • Record a voice memo
  • Upload existing media
  • Take a picture


Doodler is new to any online backup software that we have ever heard of. ZipCloud included it as part of the ‘Upload’ options. It’s uses are purely for enjoyment of drawing with your fingers. It’s very reminiscent of games like ‘Draw Something’ for iPhone.


On the Media tab you can easily find photos, videos, or music on your ZipCloud account. After photos are backed up, for example, you can browse through them here. Like the subtext says above, it’s a “Shortcut to all photos”.

It is cool that if you have a CD or TV episode to watch, you can easily browse to it and start watching right from the phone.


Get all of your ZipCloud account stats here. You can see how much space is used. The settings area helps users manage the tools that ZipCloud comes with.

Settings Options:

  • Upload Quality (photo and video)
  • Passlock
  • Clear Cache
  • Facebook Connect
  • Support
  • Send FeedBackup
  • Submit Diagnostic Data


After reviewing lots of different apps for the iPhone. It’s easy to say that ZipCloud has one of the best. The interface is beautiful and it’s very easy to use. It has all of the right options (automatic photo backup, accessing other device backups, syncing files uploaded from the device, and taking photos from within the app). We are excited to use this app a lot in the future. It seems like ZipCloud has come a long way and will continue to grow. Visit ZipCloud ZipCloud Review